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Wicked Woods Series
Format : eBook
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Book Description

From the ALA YALSA Award-winning author and multi-award-winning filmmaker Kailin Gow comes this supernatural thriller that makes you don't want to get lost in the (Wicked) Woods... PRAISE for THE WICKED WOODS SERIES 5 of 5 Stars - TEAM KEVIN!!! I feel for Fallon, but Briony+Kevin=intenseness. This book had everything of the first, romance, action..I liked the plot line and I think the author did a great job of keeping the reader hooked to see what happens - Alexis Reviews 5 of 5 Stars - I have enjoyed Kailin Gow's amazing imagination that intrigues her readers to anticipate the next story line. - Kare Bear Reviews Books of the Wicked Woods Series (Completed Series) Book 1: Wicked Woods Book 2: Shimmer Book 3, Silver Book 4, Silence Book 5, Sight Book 6, Shifter DESCRIPTION The Gates of Palisor has opened and now the most dangerous and powerful creatures Wicked has been harboring have been let loose. Briony is now in a race to save Wicked, with the help of her friends from the Preservation Society and the two men who would go to the ends of the Earth and Palisor for her.