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Kailin Gow's A Perfect Cup: TEA

Kailin Gow's A Perfect Cup
Format : eBook
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Book Description

From the upcoming TV Series, The Perfect Cup, comes... THE PERFECT CUP: TEA Guide Join Kailin Gow, host of The Perfect Cup travel and food show as she explores the world of Tea. Coming from a tea plantation family, Kailin Gow gives the rundown of the different types of teas, origins of the teas, and the transformative and sometimes super healing abilities of tea, which have made this drink the most popular drink throughout time, besides water. The history and pursuit of TEA, which was highly-sought after and relished as a luxury item as rich as wine, spurred the discoveries of new lands, new nations. The trading of tea opened cultural doors and the exchange of languages, ideas, and innovations, helping pave the road to new discoveries and improvements in society. The Perfect Cup: TEA Guide is an informative guide as well as a recipe book for fun ways to drink tea or use tea in foods for a healthier and delicious addition to your daily life. **Other Non-fiction Books By Kailin Gow** The Perfect Cup: COFFEE Guide The Perfect Cup: JUICE, SHAKE, and SMOOTHIES Guide Kailin Gow's Go Girl Guide to BENTOS for Busy People Kailin Gow's Go Girl Guide to SUPERFOODS Loving Summer Cookbook