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Fairy Rose (Fairy Rose Chronicles #1)

Fairy Rose Chronicles
Format : eBook
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Book Description

From the ALA YALSA Award-winning author and multiple award-winning filmmaker Kailin Gow comes the Fairy Rose Chronicles Series... Meet Rose, a fairy girl in the Kingdom of Summer, and her adventures as a fairy growing up in Fairyland, or Feyland, as it is formally called. As a summer fairy, Rose is kept busy with the Summer Harvest. The last thing on her mind was the gift she receives on her fairy 13th birthday, which brings out a gift she didn't know she had. The Fairy Rose is the first book in The Fairy Rose Chronicles. Other books in the series include, The Fairy Fair, Pixies vs. Fairies,The Fairy Alchemist, The Fairy Test, and Fairy Dreams. First written and published in 2003, the Fairy Rose Chronicles is now available as an ebook and features characters from Kailin Gow's bestselling FROST Series. *** Bitter Frost Series *** (Epic Fantasy about the Battle to Unite All of the Fey) - Complete Series Bitter Frost Forever Frost Silver Frost Fairy Letters Frost Kisses Midnight Frost Frost Fire Spring Frost Enchanted Frost *** The Wolf Fey Series *** (About the Rise of Logan, the Wolf Prince) - Complete Series The Wolf Fey The Red Wolf Wolf Magic *** The Fairy Rose Chronicles *** (About Feyland, 5 years before the events in Bitter Frost) The Fairy Rose The Fairy Fair Fairies vs. Pixies *** Beyond Crystal River *** (When the Magic of Feyland converges Beyond the Crystal River) Ring of Ice - Now Available!