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Fairy Faire (Fairy Rose Chronicles #2)

Fairy Rose Chronicles
Format : eBook
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Book Description

The End of Summer Fair is coming, and Rose must help her best friend Emily out at the fair as one of the performers. Her best friend Emily is playing the role of a human girl in a human play, and Rose thinks it would be easy to play a human. Little does she know, playing human for a fairy is harder than she thinks... The second book and a stand alone book in the Fairy Rose Chronicles. Other books include: The Fairy Rose, Pixies vs. Fairies, The Fairy Alchemist, The Fairy Test, and Fairy Dreams. The Fairy Rose Chronicles were first written and published in 2003, and is now being made available as an ebook. Features the world of Feyland and characters that will appear in the FROST Series by Kailin Gow