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Blood Burned (PULSE Vampire Series: Book 3)

PULSE Vampire Series
Format : eBook
No Of Pages : 0
Edition :First




Book Description

*****Now an Animated TV Series on Amazon Prime TV and other channels.  Soon to be a Live Action Film!*****

Kalina has returned back to Rutherford, but now there are more problems than before. The Consortium of Vampires has been destroyed except for one - Octavius - and the most powerful of vampires has been unleashed. This sets off the ultimate horror - one of the Greystone Brothers has been turned, and his love for Kalina has turned into a destructive obsession. Now armed with an unspeakable power and thirst, he has sent Kalina and the other brothers who love and protect her a shocking threat. And he won't stop until Kalina is his.

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